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RE: How to replace account with inetOrgPerson?

I had the same issue when I found I needed the mail attribute 'after the
fact'.  You can add the extensibleObject objectClass to the account,
then you should be able to add the email attr.


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On Sep 7, 2011, at 2:26 PM, Mi wrote:

> I am trying to add the "inetOrgPerson" objectClass, but some users
already have the "account" objectClass.
> After a long search, I found that you cannot have both. So I am trying
to remove "account", and add "inetOrgPerson". But I cannot do that
either. I just get the following error :
>    err=69 text=structural object class modification from 'account' to
'inetOrgPerson' not allowed
> If I just try to remove "account", I get
>    entry failed schema check: no structural object class provided
> So, how can I add "inetOrgPerson" and remove "account" ?

The only way I know is you export the entry, modify the ldif and
I just did that for all our groups, because we extended the schema and
wanted that our own objectClass has sup of groupOfUniqueNames.

> Also, I notice that I don't have "account" listed under dn:
cn=schema,cn=config. What I have is:
>  {0}core
>  {1}cosine
>  {2}nis
>  {3}inetorgperson
>  {4}samba
>  {5}apple

The account objectClass is in the cosine schema.

> Thanks for any help
> mi
> PS: I just need a "mail" attribute. Maybe there is a simpler way than
to add inetOrgPerson with all it's ridiculous attributes like "audio" or
"carLicense" ?

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