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Re: custom password attribute

Janez BarbiÄ wrote:
> I started with LDAP just recently and I successfully built and
> implemented a custom schema. However there is one problem. I am
> required to add "userPasswordAtt" attribute to my custom schema which
> is similar to "userPassword" attribute in "inetOrgPerson" schema.

What exactly do you want to achieve?

> But with this attribute I can not log in to phpLDAPadmin for example.

Yes, slapd does not know that it should use your custom password attribute.
AFAIK you can't use a custom attribute for password-checking during a bind
request. You could implement something like this on your client-side custom code.

> As far as I know "userPassword" is never defined as password in any
> schema, I am suspecting that it has to be somehow hardcoded

Some attribute types are hard-coded in schema_prep.c since they are needed
during boot-strapping a server with dynamic configuration.

Ciao, Michael.