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custom password attribute

I started with LDAP just recently and I successfully built and
implemented a custom schema. However there is one problem. I am
required to add "userPasswordAtt" attribute to my custom schema which
is similar to "userPassword" attribute in "inetOrgPerson" schema.

This is what I tried so far:

attributetype (
	NAME 'userPasswordAtt'
	EQUALITY octetStringMatch

It is basically a copy/paste of "userPassword" attribute.

objectclass (
	NAME 'eOskrbaPerson'
	DESC 'e-oskrba participant'
	MUST ( bidAtt $ uidAtt $ cnPatient $ userPasswordAtt )
	MAY ( patientCoopFlagAtt $ patientsDoctorAtt $ eMailAtt $
		dateOfBirthAtt $ sexAtt $ healthcareInstitutionAtt $
		memberAtt $ mobilePhoneAtt $ experimentalGroupAtt ) )

But with this attribute I can not log in to phpLDAPadmin for example.
It also doesn't cover password with dots on creation as it does with
As far as I know "userPassword" is never defined as password in any
schema, I am suspecting that it has to be somehow hardcoded (I also
checked inheritance which goes all the way from core.schema).

So far I also tried to avoid inheriting attributes from defined schemas.

How can I use my custom attribute in the same way as

Some pointers for future research would be greatly appreciated.

Janez Barbic