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OpenLDAP configuration

Hi @all

I've some questions regarding the "new" config interface from LDAP cn=config. 
For one month I was trying to set up a MultiMaster configuration with 
GSSAPI-auth (Kerb5) over TLS/SSL for three servers. 
I tried many ways to create a config with the cn=config interface but I failed 
every time. 

Now my question: Is there a tutorial or howto which describes exactly my 
problem? Or does anybody run a bunch of server in this configuration? 

Thanks a lot for your help,
regards Andreas 
       / ___________/    Andreas Laesser
      / //_// /____/     Signal Proc.& Speech Communication Lab.
   __/ /___/ / __        Graz University of Technology
 /___//____//__          Inffeldgasse 12 | A-8010 Graz | Austria

http://www.spsc.tugraz.at Tel: +43 (0)316 873 -4443 Fax: DW 104439 

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