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Re: Inconsistent duplicate attributeType: "memberOf"

On 07/13/2011 05:32 PM, Christian Ramseyer wrote:
(sorry if this appears twice, I've posted this some time ago before I
was subscribed to the list and it didn't seem to appear)

I'm trying to migrate an LDAP from Solaris/OpenLDAP 2.3 to
Linux/OpenLDAP 2.4, and I have an issue with a custom schema:

# slaptest -f etc/slapd.conf
/data/openldap/etc/schema/nxx.schema: line 10 attributetype:
Inconsistent duplicate attributeType: "memberOf"

Now the problem is, I have no idea where this previous definiton of
memberOf comes from....

These are the included schemas:

# grep include etc/slapd.conf
include      /data/openldap/etc/schema/core.schema
include     /data/openldap/etc/schema/cosine.schema
include     /data/openldap/etc/schema/inetorgperson.schema
include     /data/openldap/etc/schema/nis.schema
include     /data/openldap/etc/schema/nxx.schema

And none of them besides nxx defines a memberOf:

# grep memberOf etc/schema/*
etc/schema/nxx.schema:attributetype ( NxxLDAPattributeType:1 NAME 'memberOf'
etc/schema/nxx.schema:		MAY ( memberOf $ host $ lastLogin $
passwordHistory $ loginFailures $ passwordRecoveryMailAddress $
passwordRecoveryChallenge) )

<end of grep output>

Also, nxx defines it only once (it's pasted below).

After commenting nxx and generating a config directory with slaptest, I
found this in cn=schema.ldif:

# grep memberOf openldap-config/cn\=config/cn\=schema.ldif
olcAttributeTypes: ( 1.2.840.113556.1.2.102 NAME 'memberOf' DESC 'Group
that t

Where does this come from? Apparently not from the schemas I included,
as a grep for memberOf doesn't return anything. There are also no other
includes in these schema files.
Is there any default schema data included besides what is given in
include statements? Can I somehow get rid of this?

Any help appreciated. Also I know that the attribute in the custom
schema had better been prefixed, but this is an installation running
since 2004 and "memberOf" is in scripts all over the place, so I'd
rather not rename it.

It's hardcoded in the slapo-memberof(5) overlay.