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Re: getent passwd always return 1065 users

Hi Al,
sizelimit is on 30000 on slapd.conf, but you're right, I have 65 users in /etc/passwd

Its really strange ... Today it returns 2065.


El 08/07/2011 07:06, Al escribió:
I have a openldap server in RHEL4 and after the latest update I can only
get 1065 users from the command getent passwd:
getent passwd | wc -l

I have like 15k users. Slapcat list them all.

Where should I look for a solution? In the cache size of the DBD, in
/etc/ldap.conf, in slapd.conf?
What is your sizelimit set to in slapd.conf?  If I had to guess, your
sizelimit is set to 1000 and you have 65 user accounts in /etc/passwd.


Oliver Schulze L.
Asuncion - Paraguay