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cn=config and plugins


I'm interested in using the slapi-dnsnotify-plugin to notify slaves of
changes in the pdns-server.

There's an example configuration using slapd.conf[1], but I'd like to
know how a plugin is configured using cn=config.

Distribution ist Opensuse 11.3

zypper info shows:

Name: openldap2
Version: 2.4.21-10.3.1
Arch: x86_64

(As far as I understand the *.spec-file, plugins aren't enabled in this
built, so I'll have to compile my own version. Or am I wrong?)

Any advice?

Please let me know, if any further information is required (and please
be patient, as my writing and understanding in english is limited :-))


Hanns Mattes

[1] http://thewalter.net/stef/software/slapi-dnsnotify/configuration.html