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Re: Loading LDAP schema files into cn=config

On 03/07/2011 14:21, Howard Chu wrote:

What you call a deficiency(sp) is sheer nonsense. Tell me how you expect
to provide read/write database access to a file included from any
arbitrary filesystem location? Think about the safety of such a
proposition as well; not everybody has AppArmor or other security
mechanisms on their machines. You cry that it can't do "X" when in fact
it would be irresponsible to ever allow it to do "X". You haven't
thought it through, you're just babbling.

In my use cases I don't need read/write database access to a file for configuration.

I can afford to restart slapd to make it reload the configuration file, as it always did until now.

What I'm advocating is not losing this feature.

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