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Re: Loading LDAP schema files into cn=config

Christopher Wood wrote:
> What stops you from checking the ldif of cn=config into revision control
> before and after a change?

Nothing. But it's more cumbersome. Also comments are lost. Normally I comment
everything and describe for which requirement in the concept the ACLs,
constraints, etc. are for.

Also the schema with X-ORDERED is cumbersome. There's no LDAP client which
really supports it. You have to do too much manually.

There's no mechanism like include.


Ciao, Michael.

> On Fri, Jul 01, 2011 at 07:20:14PM +0200, Michael Ströder wrote:
>> Simone Piccardi wrote:
>>> Having text configuration files (that can be commented and put under a
>>> revision system) is a major strength for an Unix system, and giving it away is
>>> very bad.
>> Amen.
>> Ciao, Michael.