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Re: (ITS#6666) Feature Request: Triggers implementation

Op maandag 23 mei 2011 20:44:05 schreef Nick Milas:
> On 23/5/2011 9:20 ÎÎ, Maarten Vanraes wrote:
> > this may be totally besides the point or request, but i've made a very
> > simple
> > modtrigger overlay, which triggers modifications and calls an external
> > command.
> > 
> > I should make it cn=config ready, but it works, is fully tested, and i'm
> > using it in a production environment...
> It's exactly to the point! I would surely be interested in trying it! Is
> it available for download (with basic directions)?
> Thanks for letting us know,
> Nick

Well, i haven't had any time yet of cleaning it up, and atm it doesn't even 
say yet WHAT exactly was modified, but i was planning on doing that, together 
with the cn=config adaptation, and put it somewhere for download (and since i'm 
a Mageia packager probably package it for mageia).

i can probably give you it privately, if you're urgently insterested.

Kind Regards,