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Re: "DIT content rule" usage patterns?

Marco Pizzoli wrote:
> could someone point me to some resources, in particular usage
> examples, about DIT content rules?


dITContentRule ( 2.16.840.1.113730.3.2.2
  NAME 'inetOrgPerson-dcr'
  NOT ( x121Address )
  AUX ( msPerson $ musician $ germanBankArrangement $
        posixAccount $ sambaSamAccount $ vPIMUser $ inetLocalMailRecipient $
        shadowAccount $ simpleSecurityObject $ pwdPolicy $ msPwdResetObject $
        eduPerson $ schacPersonalCharacteristics ) )

Note that the OID is the OID of the accompanying structural object class.

What exactly do you want to do? You should read RFC 4512 for the details.

My web2ldap obeys DIT content rules and therefore I'm usually limiting the
usable attributes in object classes with NOT to reduce the number of unneeded
input fields. You can also use web2ldap's schema browser to dig into the
schema of a server.

Ciao, Michael.