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Re: fedora and openldap

On 04/09/2011 05:23 PM, harry.jede@arcor.de wrote:

I find those hard to read, so:

$ echo e01ENX1pMjcvdjYyeEFvNmI4R212YUdQeDZ3PT0= | openssl enc -d
-base64 {MD5}i27/v62xAo6b8GmvaGPx6w==

openssl enc -d -base64 {crypt}$1$DuT3b0KP$MF6d9Pj8axRAztEoU45T40

I did tried to add the md5 variable in the pam stack but
No, no,
$1$ at the beginnig of the password hash indicates, crypt's
implementation of md5. And this has nothing to do with MD5 hashes,
Thanks for the clarification, didn't know it

I also tried to change the authconfig command to
generate md5 passwords but they didn't fit the ones in the server.
A common misunderstanding,

 From "man slappasswd"

        -c crypt-salt-format
Specify  the format of the salt passed to crypt(3) when generatâ
ing {CRYPT} passwords.  This string needs to  be  in  sprintf(3)
format  and  may include one (and only one) %s conversion.  This
conversion will be substituted with a string  random  characters
from  [A-Za-z0-9./].  For example, â%.2sâ provides a two characâ
ter salt and â$1$%.8sâ tells some versions of crypt(3) to use an
MD5  algorithm  and  provides  8 random characters of salt.  The
default is â%sâ, which provides 31 characters of salt.

If you set in slapd.conf:
password-crypt-salt-format '$1$%.8s'

then the password is stored in crypt's md5 format.

But normaly that is not what you want. Even with md5 is crypt much
weaker then ssha. Only if you have really old unices in your network
you should use crypt.
considering your words I will go for ssha passwords, I'll try to figure out how to do it, after all tests I don't know how to change this. At least i could see that the password exop option in the pam_ldap.conf lets the server to apply the security to the password, so I think I can change it within the slapd.conf file.
do you suggest to use salt?

Thanks a lot for your help,

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