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fedora and openldap


After some time dealing with ldap and fedora, I'm stuck with an strange behaviour. I can successfully change the password for a certain user using the ldappasswd command, after this change (either done by the manager of the ldap or the same user) I can successfully ssh to the machine using this password.
In this moment if I do slapcat I can see a password with this form:


Instead if I change the password using the password command, I can see passwords much longer than the above one, this is what I can see after changing the passwd.

I configured the client to use ldap with this command:
authconfig --enableforcelegacy --disablecachecreds --enableldap --enableldapauth --ldapserver= --ldapbasedn=dc=linux,dc=imppc,dc=org --disableldaptls --disablefingerprint --disablewinbind --disablewins --disablesssd --disablesssdauth --disablenis --enablecache --enablelocauthorize --usemd5 --updateall

This command takes care of all the pam.d files, and considering that the ssh does work with the password set by the ldappasswd command, where is the problem?

The server is an openldap-2.4.25.

Am I missing something? I though that it was perfectly possible to use passwd instead of ldappasswd.
Any help will be extremely appreciated.
Thanks a lot,