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RE: Speeding up BDB question

--On April 5, 2011 7:58:19 AM -0400 "Cannady, Mike" <mike.cannady@htcinc.net> wrote:

I agree.  I saw no hint of using sysv shared memory anywhere in the
openldap FAQ.  I assume that "DB_SYSTEM_MEM" would have to be in the
DB_CONFIG file and "dbconfig set_flags DB_SYSTEM_MEM" in slapd.conf to
cover a new database.  Is this correct?

I'm talking about shared memory keys, which is documented in the slapd-bdb(5) and slapd-hdb(5) manual pages.

I used the ram filesystem to see if there was a lot of filesystem
flushing via some kind of sync.  The I/Os I saw just didn't seem right
for the amount of changes happening every minute.

As to the database size and such:  The ldapadd was adding 51,265 DNs
back into the ldap store.  The preceding delete was close to that number
also.  The database before any of the operations had 71,886 DNs

Then it is clear your cachesize and idlcachesize settings are all too small. I would also note you should never, *EVER*, set the dncachesize unless you are on a terribly memory restricted machine. You should always leave it at the default of infinite.

You still fail to note the size of the BDB database (du -c -h *.bdb) so again it is impossible to say if your DB_CONFIG settings are correct.


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