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Re: Writing overlays: examples available?

Hi Marco,

have a look at


This is kind of a dummy overlay, simply tracing overlay-calls via Debug/Log-Output. Also cloak in contrib is not too complex and served me as a starting point for registering cb-handlers.


On 26.03.2011 16:51, Marco Pizzoli wrote:
Hi all,
I would like to learn how to write an overlay.
I'm looking at overlay sources as available in the OpenLDAP package, but
they appear to be too complex to me, particularly in not having clear
comments/descriptions and, most of all, considering that I'm an
occasional C programmer.

I ask if someone could send to me their overlay written for very simple
goals or even for fun.
Some code that I can easily follow and so have an idea of which hook use
to do a specific thing.
Commented source would be great! :-)

Thanks in advance

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