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Re: deleting values from multivalued attribute

On 3/25/11 5:27 PM, Hugo Monteiro wrote:
I wonder if it's also possible to use the same approach but for value modification. In brief evaluation, my guess is no, since the ldif syntax doesn't provide any way to distinct between the value to be replaced and the one to replace with.

I don't understand your question. The 'modify' operation applied on an AT allows you to do whatever you want, assuming you give it the right operation to apply. 'replace' will discard all the values and replace them by the new values. Otherwise, 'delete' deletes some specific values, and 'add' adds the ones you provide.

Isn't it enough ?

Aye, i understand it can be done through delete/add. My wondering was about the possibility to perform the change using a single operation.

It *is* a single operation. It's the Modify operation, and it's guaranteed to be executed as an atomic operation. Everything else is pure semantic.

Emmanuel LÃcharny