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Re: syncrepl and mass deletes

Hi Howard,

We were told to migrate to 2.4.23 sometimes ago, and we did some work to update our production servers. Can I try 2.4.24 only on the consumer side? It would be a pain to migrate all servers to 2.4.24 without package.

is this related to the last fixes?
Fixed slapd syncrepl reuse of presence list (ITS#6707)
Fixed slapd syncrepl uninitialized return code (ITS#6719)
Fixed slapd syncrepl variable initialization (ITS#6739)
Fixed slapd syncrepl refresh to use complete cookie (ITS#6807)


2011/3/23 Howard Chu <hyc@symas.com>
LALOT Dominique wrote:

I am testing the replication feature in a multimaster environment replicating
into a single database. As stated before, I added serverid to my providers. I
just have two providers for test purpose.
I tested mass updates on a provider, stopped my replica during updates, then
start again and it's OK, it updates the entries
If I do the same for mass deletes. I deleted 40000 entries while stopping the
consumer. My consumer is still with 30000 undeleted entries. I left the
consumer for hours, restarting it twice.
It seems there is no regular compare between consumer or provider in such
situation. I'll simplify to test in a single provider setup, to see if it works.

All servers are 2.4.23

Please try your test with 2.4.24 instead.

 -- Howard Chu
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Dominique LALOT
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