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Re: OpenLDAP Memory Usage

Tim Mooney wrote:
In regard to: Re: OpenLDAP Memory Usage, Quanah Gibson-Mount said (at...:
I suggest reading over:


Thanks Quanah, that was very helpful.  Slides 23 and 33-35 (comparing
the various memory allocators) were very useful, especially when coupled
with the openldap-devel threads starting on August 24 2006.

I also found slide 26, about the problem with trying to benchmark OpenLDAP
using slow bench mark tools, interesting.  What tools are recommended
these days, for benchmarking an OpenLDAP installation?  The most promising
ones I could find were SLAMD (which was panned in slide 26) and cbe4.
Are there others that are noteworthy?

SLAMD is still the most convenient to use, in terms of overall features. I just make sure that I have several times as much horsepower in the clients as in the target server, to generate sufficient load on the server. (This can make benching very powerful servers rather difficult. Sometimes I will also resort to simple timing of the OpenLDAP test clients when the client machines are otherwise too underpowered for SLAMD. I try to avoid that because then I'm stuck having to tabulate the results manually.)

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