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Re: OpenLDAP Memory Usage

Diego Lima wrote:
Hello all,

I'm experiencing some problems with some OpenLDAP servers: the slapd
process seems to always use more memory, eventually reaching a point
where it has consumed all the available server memory and is killed by
the OOM killer. The servers have 32gb of memory plus 32gb of swap
space and are running Debian Lenny (with kernel 2.6.26-2-amd64), and
we have compiled OpenLDAP 2.4.23 from source, and we're using Berkeley
DB 4.6. The servers are dedicated to running OpenLDAP, so they don't
have other processes that use a significant amount of memory.

This is a relatively high-volume environment, with 4 servers running
with mirrormode to enable multi-master replication. The current
database size is about 900mb. Is there any setting that could limit
this memory usage? I don't feel this is "normal" considering our DB
size and cache sizes.

Very likely ITS#6660, you need to update to 2.4.24.

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