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Re: openldap installed, running but can't connect remotely

Casey Jordan wrote:
> Hi group,
> I hope this is the right list to post this under. I have been having
> a problem connecting to an ldap server I just set up on ubuntu 10.10
> I can use ldapsearch locally and get good results.
> but when I try to connect remotely IE:
> *sudo ldapsearch -xLLL -W -H ldap://ice.rit.edu -d1 
> "dc=easydita,dc=com"*
RTM	"man ldapsearch" should help

prompt for a password. You haven't supply a userDN to match. So the user 
is anonymous, which do not have a password. Just press <enter> for 

I asume this should be your baseDN. You must provide a "-b", ie
-b "dc=easydita,dc=com"

If you want to connect as an user with password, try:

-W -D "cn=admin,dc=easydita,dc=com"

You don't need to specify a '*' as attribute list, it is the default.


Harry Jede