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Re: delta-sync - ContextCSN on proivder older than consumers

Dieter Kluenter wrote:
Am Mon, 14 Mar 2011 02:43:53 -0700
schrieb Howard Chu<hyc@symas.com>:

Dieter Kluenter wrote:
Am Sun, 13 Mar 2011 17:39:17 -0700
schrieb Yuri Bank<yuribank@gmail.com>:

After doing more testing I have noticed that it is the 'Group
member modify entryCSNs' that seem to get ignored by the Provider,
but picked up by the Consumers. All other changes, adding or
removing users seems to update the ContextCSN on the Provider

So a work around would be to make some kind of random change to an
entry in my DIT ( after making changes to group membership), so
that the Provider has the correct ContextCSN. A simple change like
modifying the description field for a user would accomplish this. I
would like to get to the bottom of this though, without such a work

Could this have anything to do with the memberOf overlay, which I
am using?

It is more likely that the contextCSN of accesslog db is older than
the last contextCSN provided by the provider.

It's too unclear to make such an assumption.

It's based on experience, my test environment shows the same results. A
modify to one of the subordinate databases results in error 53 trying
to sync the other subordinate database. Comparing contextCSN of all
four databases showed that the client presents a CSN that is younger
than that of access db, but I am still investigating

The original poster has no subordinate databases. Whatever behavior you're experiencing is totally unrelated, and you're making unfounded assumptions that there is any relevance between your situation and his.

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