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Re: php ldap binding problems

Germ van Eck wrote:
> I didn't have any problems as far as I can remember, I've wrapped the
> connection part so it is some time ago I actually coded that part.
> I connect to LDAP like this, maybe the protocol version is significant,
> I vaguely remember something with that.
> $this->conn = ldap_connect($ldaphost,$ldapport);		
> ldap_set_option($this->conn,LDAP_OPT_PROTOCOL_VERSION,3);
> ldap_bind($this->conn,$binddn,$bindpw);

Yes, setting LDAPv3 as protocol is important! Depending on the server's
configuration LDAPv2 is not accepted. Or some LDAP servers return other
character set (not UTF-8) for attribute values of syntax DirectoryString.

Ciao, Michael.