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RE: slapcat on bdb

None at all.  It's used as part of our backup strategy too.

In fact, in an older version of OpenLDAP 2.2, we used to do that to get a dump we'd copy by hand to the remote slaves that quite often got out of sync.  FWIW, no issues with that since we upgraded to 2.4.23.

- chris

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Subject: slapcat on bdb

Running RH5 openldap 2.3 with "database bdb" in slapd.conf.  This has
most likely been covered, but I am seeing many conflicting
recommendations on running slapcat while slapd is running.  The man page
states "It is always safe to run slapcat with the slapd-bdb" Which seems
very definitive, but I came across another well know guide that states
that even though the man page states its ok, slapd should be stopped
first before running slapcat.

I'm writing a short backup script to generate nightly ldif output using
slapcat and would rather not shut down slapd in the script.   Since I
have not been running openlap for very long, I was curious if anyone has
had any problems running slapcat while slapd was running.

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