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slapcat on bdb

Running RH5 openldap 2.3 with "database bdb" in slapd.conf.  This has
most likely been covered, but I am seeing many conflicting
recommendations on running slapcat while slapd is running.  The man page
states "It is always safe to run slapcat with the slapd-bdb" Which seems
very definitive, but I came across another well know guide that states
that even though the man page states its ok, slapd should be stopped
first before running slapcat.  

I'm writing a short backup script to generate nightly ldif output using
slapcat and would rather not shut down slapd in the script.   Since I
have not been running openlap for very long, I was curious if anyone has
had any problems running slapcat while slapd was running.