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Re: Replication monitoring

Torsten Schlabach (Tascel eG) wrote:
Hi Andreas!

Your servers should be recognized as openldap.
* Check the Environment page if it says "OpenLDAP".
* Click on one of the servers to open the server view page and you
now see two more buttons.

Yes, that works now. But I still didn't see any replication agreements.

So I digged a bit into the code. I first thought the problem may be that
my monitoring user cannot read cn=config, but it can.

I originally used version 2.0.4, but I also checked the current SVN
version; it still has the same (and possibly other) problems.

In your function openldap_setBackEndDatabases you are querying for
objectclass=olcBdbConfig. That means you will be missing several databases,
because you are only asking for BDB databases. In our example, we are using
HDB databases. So changing this to objectclass=olcHdbConfig made our
replication agreements visible all of a sudden.

But I guess this is not how to do it as there may be many other backend

You probably should be searching for olcDatabaseConfig instead, which is the common superclass of all DB types.

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