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Re: memberof/accesslog overlays together

Michael Ströder wrote:

Unfortunately for privacy reasons I can't provide example data.

I'm using slapo-memberof, slapo-refint and slapo-access in exactly this order.

Now I'm analysing some strange things where modifications to group entries and
the subsequent modifications by slapo-memberof are not correctly written to
the accesslog DB.


1. Is this overlay order a correct setup? Should this work? Or should
slapo-memberof be invoked after slapo-access?

Try changing the order and see for yourself.

2. CHANGES of release 2.4.24 lists a bunch of fixes to slapo-memberof. Any
changes which possibly affect writing to accesslog DB? (I'm not sure whether
we had problems like this with 2.4.23 or not though.)

Doesn't sound like it.

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