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Authentication for on the fly configuration updates in OpenLDAP 2.4


I've browsed the configuration page for slapd[1] and it mentions that,
for starting from version 2.3, "The LDAP configuration engine allows all
of slapd's configuration options to be changed on the fly, generally
without requiring a server restart for the changes to take effect."

What is the user and password required to update the LDAP configuration

I'm using slapd 2.4.23-7 on a Debian Squeeze (testing). I've tried using
the admin user (cn=admin,dc=...,dc=...) and it fails. This link[2]
mentions using the cn=admin,dc=config account and a password found in
ldap.secret. I've not found that file and don't know what is the
password for the cn=admin,dc=config account.