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Re: Failover Failure Advice

Hello Anton,

I suggest you'd seriously take a dive into the earlier suggestion I did
(see below).

When you're worried about to much network traffic (VRRP can make quite
some noise), you can put the two "real" LDAP-servers into a dedicated
VLAN, or use a secundary interface on both LDAP-machines and let 'm talk
to each other over a crosscable. 

Suggestion: start with making a well working Mirror mode replication on
two LDAP-servers.
If that runs OK, install "some Virtual IP" software en make that work. 
For the LDAP-clients there's nothing else to do then make them point to
the Virtual (or floating) IP.

Regards, Kuba

On Wed, 2011-01-26 at 13:40 -0800, Anton Chu wrote:
> I currently have a Master/Slave Failover setup and I'm planning to
> deploy 100 ldap clients soon.  I'm thinking about installing a Slave
> LDAP Server in all my ldap clients.    I'm sure this will bog down the
> network but can I program syncrepl to be less chatty between master
> and slave?  I'm planning to point 60 of my clients to the master while
> the rest will point to the slave.  Your thoughts?
> Kindest regards,
> Anton  
> On Tue, Jan 18, 2011 at 3:22 PM, jekvb <jekvb@gmx.co.uk> wrote:
>         On Tue, 2011-01-18 at 14:43 -0800, Anton Chu wrote:
>         > I've setup a master and slave ldap service for failover;
>         My failover construction is a bit different, but it works
>         quite nicely,
>         so I 'd like to share this.
>         For a simple and reliable failover I have two LDAP servers in
>         Mirror
>         mode with Keepalived on top of it. This is based on having one
>         virtual
>         IP for both machines. When the one LDAP server (master) that
>         has the IP,
>         fails, all read & write operations are directed to the backup
>         server.
>         When the failed LDAP server comes up again it takes over the
>         IP again
>         and SyncRepl on the slave takes care of updating the master.
>         Best regards, Kuba