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slapo-cache and searches by dynlist (with !)


I'm trying to use pcache overlay to cache queries done by dynlist overlay. This is the configuration I have:

database hdb
suffix <userSuffix>
overylay dynlist
dynlist-attrset labeledURIObject labeledURI

# This is because, data obtained by dynlist is in another ldap directory
database ldap
suffix dc=mydomain,dc=com
access ...
uri ldap:/<anotherldap> ...
overlay pcache
pcache  hdb 1000 1 10 60
pcacheAttrset 0 irisClassifCode sn1 givenName
pcacheMaxQueries        10000
pcacheTemplate  (&(objectClass=)(irisPersonalUniqueId=)) 0 3600
directory       /var/lib/ldap/cachepublica
cachesize       100

	The pcacheTemplate is because labeledURI attributes are in the form:

labeledURI: ldap:///dc=mydomain,dc=com?irisClassifCode,sn1,givenName?one?

	The final search done in the final ldap directory is:


so I think I need to negate the search in the pcacheTemplate, but I can't because I get the error:

/etc/ldap/slapd.conf: line 419: unable to parse template: AttributeDescription contains inappropriate characters.

	whenever I try to put the '!' in the template.

	Is there any way to cache this kind of query?
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