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Re: slapd logging in chroot() environment


On 01/26/11 08:54, Christian Manal wrote:
> Am 26.01.2011 07:31, schrieb Peter Palmreuther:
>> no one with any idea about what to look for?
>> On 01/13/11 9:03 pm, I wrote:
>>> I'm running OpenLDAP 2.4.20 in a chroot()-ed environment on Solaris 10.
>>> I somehow don't get logging working. I don't see any logging making it's way
>>> through syslog.
> if you are using Solaris, why don't you just put your LDAP server into a
> zone? Would be a more "clean" separation from the global zone and you
> have your own syslog deamon in that environment.

I know. But for I don't have much influence on the Solaris configuration
itself. We don't have zones available in our setup ... The operations section
does not support zones yet. So I'm stuck with what I've got and luckily
OpenLDAP supports chroot() itself ... Except I don't get the logging running
the way I want.