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Re: slapd logging in chroot() environment


no one with any idea about what to look for?

On 01/13/11 9:03 pm, I wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm running OpenLDAP 2.4.20 in a chroot()-ed environment on Solaris 10.
> I somehow don't get logging working. I don't see any logging making it's way
> through syslog.
> Nor do I get messages to an explicitly configured "logfile".
> "loglevel" is set to "stat".
> As soon as I start slapd using "-d ..." I see the messages in the "logfile"
> configured.
> Using "truss" I see unsuccessful tries to open "/var/run/syslog_door" until I 
> mount -F lofs /var/run /var/openldap/var/run
> (with "/var/openldap" being my chroot-directory). Unluckily still no syslog
> logging.
> using "pfiles <PID>" I see slapd has got a file handle to "logfile" open. 
> But there's not "write" to this handle in truss output either.
> Anybody with any idea about if and how chroot-slapd and syslog (or logfile) works?
> Thanks in advance.
Best regards,