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Re: Replication monitoring

Hi Andreas!

We must have missed your post a year ago, but thanks a lot for this one.
As we sometimes experience trouble in our OpenLDAP repication, we do
appreciate a tool which could visualize the current replication status, as
seen in the screenshot, so your tool immediately caught me attention and I
spend an hour to install it today.

I also spent another hour looing at the two PDF guides; just ... sorry if
I overlooked anything ... I cannot get to the page your are showing in your
screenshot. I don't have a "Replication" button at all in my options.

We have configured two servers which we can see in the tool. We can do
queries and we get a nice status page. All fine. But I guess I will have to
put somewhere in the config the information that those two servers are
replicating each other, don't I? Just I cannot find any example how to do


On Mon, 24 Jan 2011 18:55:03 +0100, Andreas Andersson <zreoxx@gmail.com>
> Hi!
> I posted an announcement here about a year ago about my little LDAP
> monitoring project CN=Monitor.
> Asked for feedback and received a lot. Thank you! Some feedback was
> related to adding replication verification for OpenLDAP so of course I
> it a try.
> Unfortunately I don’t have a large scale OpenLDAP environment to verify
> this functionality on so I need your help :)
> Is it working and can it be improved?
> This is how it works:
> The contextCSN is verified on all servers within the same environment.
> attached image.
> As always… I appreciate all feedback I can get and let me know if you
> any suggestions on new features or something else that can approve this
> monitoring application.
> Project page:
> http://cnmonitor.sourceforge.net
> Freshmeat:
> http://freshmeat.net/projects/cnmonitor
> Best Regards - Andreas