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Re: Best and most efficient way to upgrade openLDAP

Am Tue, 18 Jan 2011 11:13:46 -0500
schrieb Ghyslain Tissot <gtissot@gmail.com>:

> Hello,
>   We are looking for input on how to upgrade openLDAP from 2.2 to
> 2.3. We have looked and it seems the only documented way to upgrade
> is by unloading and reloading the data which is very time consuming
> (approx. 8-10 hours). Since this is a production system it is not
> adequate. What options are available?
> To give more more background:
> - there are currently approximately 7M entries in the LDAP;
> - we are migrating to a new server with a new version of openLDAP
> (dependant on RHEL version - previously RHEL 4 now RHEL 5);
> - we tried the option creating a staging server with 2.2 and
> importing on the new system (v2.3) the extracted data on the new
> system. Then we activated replication (SLURPD) between the two and
> tried updating the staging server with the transaction logs of
> production hoping the data would then replicate to the new system.
> But that does not work.
> Any ideas on how it can be done with minimal impact to the current
> LDAP and reducing the outage period?

If you do have backup ldif's use this, if not, you have to calculate a
down time of a few hours.
the procedure:
- shutdown the server
- slapcat(8) the database
- restart the server

my first advice: do not install 2.3! because support is fading out, the
actual version is 2.4.23. As there have been made many improvements to
2.3 and 2.4 get a test rigg running. Due to stricter schemachecking
slapadd(8) a few hundred sets of test data. You may have to modify you
data set substantially in order to meet schema requirements.


Dieter Klünter | Systemberatung
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