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Re: No remote writes, only reads

> You need to let your Joomla plugin know which LDAP server to contact, by
> DNS name or IP address. Some software reads the ldap.conf file for this
> information, but it seems Joomla does not.

Yes, there is a plugin which allows one to enter the server information which I've done.
Since it's now working from the command line on the client server, I believe the problem is php related.

>Consequently, where/how this
> is done is a question you need to research yourself, and/or ask in a
> more suitable forum than the OpenLDAP mailing list.

No, my problems were ldap related which is why I came here :).
I have two problems to resolve, one was/is being new to openldap so needing help in resolving some of those issues. My joomla specific questions I've posted in the joomla forums.
> By default, most LDAP client software assumes that the LDAP server
> exists on localhost. Referring to your earlier posts, stating the search
> base dc=example,dc=com is normally not enough to tell your LDAP client
> software where to look. For the command line tools included with
> OpenLDAP, see the tool's man page and "man ldap.conf" for more details.

Actually, you could have simply said to look into 'client access' in the ldap.conf and that would have been a great lead. That's what someone else posted and it was the lead I needed to at least resolve that the client wasn't even being allowed to connect. Now I need to figure out what is related to the php portion as I believe that's where the next problem lies.

So, if anyone knows of a way to test a php ldap connection from a client to a server machine, I'd sure welcome some input.

Thanks for the reply.