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Re: No remote writes, only reads

On 01/17/2011 04:10 AM, mike@grounded.net wrote:
On Sun, 16 Jan 2011 20:02:30 -0700, Chris Jacobs wrote:
  You would need to either do that, or put the necessary ldap bind, etc, info
  into openldap's ldap.conf (not to be confused with pam_ldap's ldap.conf).
The joomla plugin doesn't allow that, I gave it a try.
I'll have to look up what you mean about putting the info into the ldap.conf file. I'm assuming you mean about the allowed remotes.

You need to let your Joomla plugin know which LDAP server to contact, by DNS name or IP address. Some software reads the ldap.conf file for this information, but it seems Joomla does not. Consequently, where/how this is done is a question you need to research yourself, and/or ask in a more suitable forum than the OpenLDAP mailing list.

By default, most LDAP client software assumes that the LDAP server exists on localhost. Referring to your earlier posts, stating the search base dc=example,dc=com is normally not enough to tell your LDAP client software where to look. For the command line tools included with OpenLDAP, see the tool's man page and "man ldap.conf" for more details.