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Re: No remote writes, only reads

On Sun, 16 Jan 2011 20:02:30 -0700, Chris Jacobs wrote:
> You would need to either do that, or put the necessary ldap bind, etc, info
> into openldap's ldap.conf (not to be confused with pam_ldap's ldap.conf).

The joomla plugin doesn't allow that, I gave it a try.
I'll have to look up what you mean about putting the info into the ldap.conf file. I'm assuming you mean about the allowed remotes.

> and if you include your relevant config info.

Brand new with ldap so not sure what folks might want to see in terms of postings.

> PS: it's a long weekend in the states, and a weekend everywhere else.
> You'll get more responses during the week,

No problem, just updating my own questions as I move along with the problem :).

Thanks for the input.