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modules directory

I've found something odd in regard to the modules directory. I ended up needing to use checkval module for ldap authentication to work properly for me. the documentation I found said to place the following in config files:

checkval {
        item-name = Calling-Station-Id
        check-name = Calling-Station-Id
        data-type = string
        notfound-reject = no

at the location I wanted the check to occur, but instead I ended up needing to use just:


because the above code was located in modules/checkval .

The question is at this point, how could I, for example, have two different checkval checks? suppose I want to check an additional attribute? I recon I need a new file, but I'm not sure if it matters what I call the new file, or, for that matter, I'm not sure what to put inside the new file, except that I'm sure it must look very similar to that above.

if someone could explain the specifics of this, or tell me where to find them explained, I would much appreciate the help.

one more question: can there be multiples of ANY module specified? for example, can I use two different ldap or sql modules if I were to need to (just as a bad example, I propose: 1 radius server, 2 wlans with different user bases that can't be merged into one directory for whatever reasons).