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Re: One root and two domain?

gael therond wrote:
Is it possible to add a domain on an already existing root?

I got the following root for now:


and I want to create a second Top entry on my root which will be named like


Is that possible?

It is possible, but it might not be desirable. In principle, you need to define "dc=prod, dc=corp" as an additional suffix for the database, something like

database <type>
suffix "dc=lab,dc=corp"

database <type>
suffix "dc=lab,dc=corp"
suffix "dc=prod,dc=corp"

However, as far as I remember, back-bdb and back-hdb only support this when compiled with a special #define, and at some performance cost. A more straightforward solution would be to define

database <type>
suffix "dc=corp"

and then add "dc=corp" as the root entry, and "dc=lab,dc=corp" and "dc=prod,dc=corp" as regular children entries of it.

I've try the following syntaxe without succes.


dn: dc=prod, dc=corp
ObjectClass: Top
ObjectClass: dcObject
ObjectClass: organization
o: prod.corp
dc: prod

#OU Groups
dn: ou=groups, dc=prod, dc=geka
ObjectClass: organizationalUnit
ObjectClass: top
ou: groups

#OU Users
dn: ou=users, dc=prod, dc=geka
ObjectClass: organizationalUnit
ObjectClass: top
ou: users

And then I've done the usual LdapADD command, but with the following error

ldap_add: Server is unwilling to perform (53)
Additional info: No global Superior Knowledge.

Well, my guest is that I didn't set correctly Slapd because my default root
is lab.corp instead of being TLD .corp
Is that theory right?

It is not clear from the message what entry failed. I assume it was "dc=prod,dc=corp" because it is not within the database's naming context. However the subsequent entries would be incorrect as well, becuase "dc=geka" is not within the "dc=corp" naming context.