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Re: How to set Multiple base dn

Please keep replies on the list.  Then others can help when I'm not

Laurent gobalraja writes:
> In fact i need a complete split of the bases.  The reason is that i need
> duplication of cn in both domain and that is not possible in a single base
> as the CN must be unique.

I think you mean "dc" instead of "cn" here, but I don't think that's
what you're supposed to mean:-)  Maybe you mean the part of the DN
below the database suffix must include the fully qualified domain name,
like this?

Domain here.org in database foo and there.org in database bar:
   database bdb
   suffix   o=foo

   database bdb
   suffix   o=bar
Object names:

'o' is short for organization name.  associatedDomain, unlike dc, is
for full domain names.  For 'o' you need the organization object class,
for associatedDomian you need domainRelatedObject from cosine.schema.

Anyway, you don't need to use 'dc' if that does not suit you.  Look for
attributes and object classes that describe the actual structure of your
intended directory tree.  Though note that 'ou' (organizational unit)
is often abused for "container" objects like "ou=people".

>> Or write slapd.conf first according to the Admin Guide and then use
>>      sbin/slaptest -f <slapd.conf filename> -F <slapd.d directory>
>> to convert to cn=config format.
> Is it safe to make successives updates of slapd.conf and then convert to the
> slapd.d directory directly without removing it each time ?

That's not supposed to work.  Maybe you should just stay with slapd.conf
instead?  Or find some tool to help edit cn=config - there are supposed
to be several, but I'm not up to date on that.