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Re: How to set Multiple base dn

Laurent gobalraja writes:
> 1) How can i add a second base DN using the new cn=config files ?
> I've got a "dn=domain1.org,dn=org", i'd like to add a "dn=domain2,dn=org"
> base.

That should be dc=domain1,dc=org and dc=domain2,dc=org.
"dc" means domain component.

The simplest way is to make "dc=org" your top DN and add the two
subdomains below that.  The other way is to make two databases,
each with its own suffix, directory, etc.

> 2) How can i set TLS using the new cn=config style ?

Start with the Admin Guide for TLS in general, and use the attributes
listed in TLS OPTIONS in the slapd-config manpage.

Or write slapd.conf first according to the Admin Guide and then use
      sbin/slaptest -f <slapd.conf filename> -F <slapd.d directory>
to convert to cn=config format.