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Re: How to convert Solaris m5 passwords to LDAP?

Hello Howard,

Howard Chu, 12.11.2010 (d.m.y):

> Christian Schmidt wrote:
> >It is not: We're running OpenLDAP on Debian GNU/Linux...
> Then you have no chance. Notice I said "and" in all of those
> conditions above. 


> Since you have not met all of the conditions, this cannot work.

Well - as I would like to understand it a little bit more, could you
please drop some more words on why it cannot work? Seems I didn't get
the message yet.

Do the Solaris (crypt?) librarys "automatically" enable slapd running
on Solaris to handle Sun's MD5 hashed passwords? And is it exactly
this what is "missing" on the linux side?

Thank you very much!

Christian Schmidt

A few hours grace before the madness begins again.