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Re: How to convert Solaris m5 passwords to LDAP?

Hello Dan,

Dan White, 12.11.2010 (d.m.y):

> What is doing the authentication? Are you using pam_unix via an ldap nss
> module, or maybe pam_ldap?

We're using pam_ldap.

> If pam_unix, see pam_unix/passverify.c in the pam source, which expects an
> md5 hash to have the format of:
> like:
> $1$6biGTEUt$FrTcXRocuExNsLZItn06l1
> However, you have two dollar signs after your salt, and I don't know that
> indicates. I tried playing around with your hash but couldn't get it to
> match 'password' on my Debian system.

That's why I suppose that Solaris' MD5 has not that much in common
with "GNU MD5". *All* MD5 hashes in Solaris' /etc/shadow start with

Christian Schmidt

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