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ldapsearch performance degradation

Hi all,

I am trying to track down what causes ldap searches to slow down over
time, especially if content is added and removed. We are having issues
with this as a grid site in the EGEE/EGI computing grid.

Attached is a graph of search performance over time, and a basic test I
did to get it (runs from  /opt/bdii_test_core). This test only uses the
core schema and operates on organizationalUnit.

Can anyone tell me what's causing this?
It's causing us some serious grief, as the searches slow down, some
sites start to disappear off the grid and jobs start to fail.

I've tried restarts and slap_index, but no love.
Any help/advice would be much appreciated.



Tim Dyce
Research Computing
EPP Group
The School of Physics
The University of Melbourne
+61 3 8344 5462
+61 431 485 166

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