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Syncrepl not replicating userPassword


I'm running into a problem with syncrepl that I hope someone can help with. I'm hoping it's a simple config problem. There was another thread similar to this one, and I have tried the solutions and still failed.

Running slapd 2.4.11 on both the consumer and the provider. The provider has thousands of records with numerous attributes including 'userPassword'. The consumer got it's start from a direct copy of the database files from the provider. All existing accounts have the userPassword attribute on both the consumer and provider. Any time a new record is added to the provider, it synchronizes all attributes other than the userPassword field.

The provider has an account on it "dc=replica,dc=domain,dc=edu" for the syncrepl to use from the consumer. An ldap search to the provider using this account shows that it can see userPassword:

ldapsearch -x -LLL -b dc=endicott,dc=edu -W -D cn=replica,dc=endicott,dc=edu

returns the dn of
    dn: uid=112232584,ou=Students,ou=People,dc=endicott,dc=edu
including the attribute of:
    userPassword:: e0NSWVBUfSQxJFZ5TXdTJHJJdS85L0EvWjl6UlZnZ3lKYjNtMjE=

The consumer for whatever reason is not adding this attribute to any records it syncs. All other attributes come over fine.

If I do a complete cleanout of the consumer and have it start it's database directly from the provider, it does the same thing and pulls over everything but userPassword.

The config of the consumer is listed below.  Where could the problem lie?


The config files on the consumer look like this:
**** Start slapd.conf *****
include         /etc/ldap/schema/core.schema
include         /etc/ldap/schema/misc.schema
include         /etc/ldap/schema/cosine.schema
include         /etc/ldap/schema/nis.schema
include         /etc/ldap/schema/inetorgperson.schema
include         /etc/ldap/schema/endicott.schema
pidfile         /var/run/slapd/slapd.pid
argsfile        /var/run/slapd/slapd.args
loglevel        256
modulepath    /usr/lib/ldap
moduleload    back_bdb
sizelimit 15000
tool-threads 1
backend        bdb
database        bdb
suffix          "dc=endicott,dc=edu"
checkpoint 512 30
rootdn          "cn=admin,dc=endicott,dc=edu"
rootpw        password
directory       "/var/lib/ldap"
dbconfig set_cachesize 0 2097152 0
dbconfig set_lk_max_objects 1500
dbconfig set_lk_max_locks 1500
dbconfig set_lk_max_lockers 1500
index           objectClass eq
lastmod         on
access to attrs=userPassword,shadowLastChange
        by dn="cn=admin,dc=endicott,dc=edu" write
        by dn="cn=replica,dc=endicott,dc=edu" write
        by anonymous auth
        by self write
        by * none
access to dn.base="" by * read
access to *
        by dn="cn=admin,dc=endicott,dc=edu" write
        by dn="cn=replica,dc=endicott,dc=edu" write
        by * read
index entryUUID eq
index userPassword eq
syncrepl rid=123
    binddn="cn=replica, dc=endicott, dc=edu"
    retry="60 +"
updateref ldap://

**** end slapd.conf ****