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Re: Error 18: Solaris 10 Native LDAP-Client

Benjamin Griese <der.darude@gmail.com> writes:

> Hello there,
> I feel like spamming the list, but I now think its a more and more
> OpenLDAP Server-related "problem" (for me its not a feature ;) ).
> http://bacedifo.blogspot.com/2009/09/server-side-sort-with-openldap2418.html
> I could reproduce the problem an 2.4.20, but havn't been able to setup
> an older version to test that, yet.
> Some ideas related to that? :/

I didn't follow this thread, so in fact I don't know what it is all
about. All I can say is, that the search string mentioned in above
link is wrong beause of lacking an ordering rule. The parameter of the
extended operation should be something like 


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