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Re: Filter on higher rdn and read lower rdn attributes

> Hello,
> I have a question regarding the construction of search filter
> (assuming that what I think is possible in LDAP).
> For a tree shown like below:
>                            o dc=com
>                            |
>                            o dc=xyz
>                       /   |  |  \
>          ou=machines o  . . . . . o  ou=people
>                                 / | \
>                       uid=abby o . . o ou=xie               <- OC1
>                              /
>                  ou=options o                               <- OC2
>                           /
>               ou=theme1  o                                  <- OC3
> OC1 != OC2 != OC3 (objectclasses with different set of attributes)
> Assume that at uid=<name> rdn, the objectclass (OC1) has an attribute
> called accessFlag. Based on this accessFlag attribute value, is it
> possible to construct a search filter that will give us the attributes
> of the objectclass (OC3) with rdn ou=<theme name>?
> That is, I want to get the theme values of all users whose accessFlag
> is set to some value.

In short, this is not possible.

As a more articulate response, I'd note this type of behavior is
occasionally needed, and should be implemented at the application level. 
For this purpose, I have drafted in the past a formal specification of a
search control that allows to specify the parameters of a subsearch to be
applied to all entries returned by the primary search.  This specification
 was never submitted for many reasons and unfortunately it was never
implemented.  I might try to dig out what I wrote, in case someone finds
it interesting and worth reviving and implementing.