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Re: slapcat generate extra "space" characters in LDIF output

 On 9/8/10 3:38 PM, Dieter Kluenter wrote:
Frank Bonnet<f.bonnet@esiee.fr>  writes:


I'm in trouble with slapcat when generating a LDIF file
it puts some extra "space" characters into some dn longer than 80

is there a way to change the output format of slapcat command
to generate lines longer than 80 characters in the LDIF file ?

I need this because I need to duplicate our directory server
to another TLD and I need to substitute

dc=fr by dc=biz

but sometime I get   this


sometime I get this

This is intended behaviour, because the LDIF specifications (RFC2849)
require a max. line length of 76 characters,
Nope :


      10) When an attrval-spec, distinguishedName, or rdn is base64-
          encoded, the encoding rules specified in [5] are used with the
          following exceptions:  a) ***The requirement that base64 output
          streams must be represented as lines of no more than 76
          characters is removed.***

Emmanuel Lécharny