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Infrastructure for authentication using referrals

Hello everyone

I'm having trouble configuring a distributed environment directories. I have the following scenario:

A company with three departments (departments A, B and C) separated geographically. In each department a server is configured to store user input for authentication.

The suffix of the directory of the three departments are configured as

dc = company, dc = com

Below the root directory of the three branches are configured. Using the example of the department A:

Department_A dc =, dc = company, dc = com: has the user input in that department.
departamento_B dc =, dc = company, dc = com: stores a referral to server B department
departamento_C dc =, dc = company, dc = com: stores a referral to server B from the Department

All departments follow this structure, but each department is set up a referral for other outlying departments.

If a user of the department is located on the department network and B want to authenticate to that site, to query the server B, you receive a referral for their department of origin.

Can I implement this authentication scenario, with all servers using the same suffix and below referrasl implemented for the branches of foreign departments?
Thanks to all