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Re: cn=Config GUI was: Re: ldap on Ubuntu 10.0.4

 Em 03-08-2010 17:12, Howard Chu escreveu:
Chris Jacobs wrote:
This has been asked before - and the response has always been any gui ldap
browser - like apache directory studio.

I used to use jxplorer but that seems not to be actively maintained these days. I would definitely use Apache Directory Studio if I wanted a GUI now.

Nothing (yet) for editing cn=config specifically yet.

I know of some LDAP GUI for editing entries, but my question was specifically about a hi-level tool, where you don't have to care about semantics and rules, attributes, etc. Something where you can change "Debug level" using a drop-down or multiple checkbox choices instead of "olcLogLevel", just to illustrate what I mean.

Thanks anyway and best regards.

Marcio Merlone