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can't get slapd to do pass-through authentication

I've been trying to get Pass-Through authentication to work using a userPassword attribute of the form {SASL}username@realm. At this point I'm guessing but is there a way to tell slapd what pathspec to use to talk to saslauthd? (I'm guessing maybe it's using one path but saslauthd is using a different one for the socket file)

I've got saslauthd running ok and can authenticate using testsaslauthd so I'm fairly sure I'm ok there. And I've got openldap compiled with --enable-spasswd option so it ought to support the SASL pass-through option, right?

I ran saslauthd with debugging on so I can see every auth request and whether it succeeds or fails and I can see it when testsaslauth connects and succeeds. But when I try to bind to slapd using the DN whose userPassword is {SASL}bbice@ldap the authentication to slapd fails and saslauthd doesn't show any authentication attempt at all. It's as if it's not even trying (or can't find) saslauthd.

I ran slapd with the -d 255 option and saved the output to a file. Here's all the lines containing the string sasl:
>>> dnPretty: <cn=SASL>
=> ldap_bv2dn(cn=SASL,0)
<= ldap_bv2dn(cn=SASL)=0
<= ldap_dn2bv(cn=SASL)=0
<<< dnPretty: <cn=SASL>
>>> dnNormalize: <cn=SASL>
<<< dnNormalize: <cn=sasl>
SASL Canonicalize [conn=1000]: authcid="bbice@ldap"
SASL Canonicalize [conn=1000]: authcid="bbice@ldap"
SASL Canonicalize [conn=1001]: authcid="bbice@ldap"
SASL Canonicalize [conn=1001]: authcid="bbice@ldap"

So if I'm reading that right, slapd does see that it's supposed to hand off the authentication to saslauthd and it has picked out the username and realm. But it doesn't seem to be connecting to or using saslauthd.

   Any ideas?  What am I missing here?

Brent Bice